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Sunday, June 22, 2003

<Cari> We've moved! Come visit the dogs and I at our new url:

See you there! </Cari> <!--11:54 AM-->

Thursday, June 19, 2003

<Cari> Dogs Steal Yarn is moving! David of Sweater Project fame is very, very generously orchestrating the migration from Blogger to Movable Type. I'll be futzing with the template to make it look all purty, and plan to be officially moved over to the new URL by Monday. Watch this space for the new location! Woohoo!

THANKS, DAVID!!! </Cari> <!--5:51 PM-->

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

<Cari> Yarny conquest number one: Embossed twining vine leaf from Vogue Knitting:

It's not a square yet, but it wants to be. As soon as I add a bit to the sides to meet that 6" mark, I'll be blocking this baby and popping it in the mail to Becky for her swatching project.

I know, I again.'s the leftover Takhi cotton classic from the baby sweater I made last month. Not the greatest picture in the world, either. It looks better in person, I promise. :) </Cari> <!--7:18 AM-->

Sunday, June 15, 2003

<Cari> So as I started my swatch for Becky's swatch project (WONDERFUL idea), something occured to me. I have knitting books filled with stitches and techniques that intimidate the hell out of me. For no good reason. I mean...the worst that happens when you try something new is that you have to rip it out and try again. And eventually you get it. So what's so scary about a little bit of texture or color work?

The plan at the end of this great revelation? I'm going to use my odd ball stash to start to swatch like crazy. I'm going to work my way through every stitch and pattern and technique that scares me until I've conquered them all. Maybe impossible but worth a try, anyway. At the end I'll have a patchwork quilt of yarny conquest. Can't beat that. :)

Happy Monday, folks. It's a lovely day to try something that scares you for no good reason. </Cari> <!--9:29 PM-->

Saturday, June 14, 2003

<Cari> Ta Da!!! I present to you Finished Suki With Straps!:

So there's one project moved to the FO category. The question now is, what do I finish next? I've got so many WIPs piling up and so many planned projects waiting in the wings. I feel like I need to finish up a couple of the WIPs as soon as possible.

OK. I think I'll finish my brother's second sleeve today, then concentrate on my mom's 3/4 sleeve cotton fleece pullover until it's done. That makes sense, yes? Finish her warm-weather top as soon as possible? So that's the plan, then. And somewhere in there, I give myself permission to cast on for the tank I have planned for myself. </Cari> <!--6:18 AM-->

Friday, June 13, 2003

<Cari> Okay...I'm amazed. Absolutely thrilled and amazed. Felting is magical, simple as that. I was less than crazy with my finished, pre-felted suki body. Well, it's been felted and now I absolutely love it. I still need to sew the straps on before I send pictures to Mare for the felt-along page and officially call it done, but here it is in all its strapless glory:

And here's the wonderful bottom, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE:

And here's a shot of the inside, which is cool as hell:

The whole felting process was interesting. Reading the instructions in the pattern, I expected it to be felted after 15 minutes in the washing machine. Not so. After the first wash it was stubbornly the same size. I decided to abuse it as an experiment, figuring if I destroyed it I could just make another. I ran it through again, and let it go through the full cycle, spin and all. It came out 8 inches smaller and seemed no worse for the spinning wear. It was too late to go for another round, but the bag was still bigger than I wanted. I let it dry overnight, then yesterday evening tossed it in for a full wash and spin again, then stuck it in the dryer for a half hour. What the hell, I figured. Well, maybe I broke some felting rules, but it worked out great for me. The bag started out at 27" deep. It's now 14" deep, a perfect size for me. </Cari> <!--6:53 AM-->

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

<Cari> The body of my suki is done. I like it but I don't love it. The color repetition worked out WAY better on paper than in yarn, and I'm really hoping it looks better when it's felted. I made the bottom bands narrower so it would form the bottom the way I wanted it. Here's the body:

And here's the bottom. I LOVE the bottom:

So basically I sacrificed the look of the body to have the bottom come out in lovely rings. A choice I might not make again. We'll see how it felts up before I make my final decision.

Then again, maybe I won't felt it at all. The boys of the house seem to really be enjoying Suki just the way she is. Here's what the boyfriend immediately did with it:

And Diego thought it was great to snuggle with.

</Cari> <!--7:02 AM-->


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